Unless you’re an owner of a car from the mid-1950s with a turntable built-in you’ll have to spin Classic Rock Anthems at home and let your imagination do the rest. According to Andy Jones, that’s not a bad thing…

Classic Rock Anthems


This compilation, which is exclusively available on heavyweight double vinyl, is housed in a gatefold sleeve depicting a neon-lit road that makes you want to drive down while listening to the 20 classic tracks from the 70s and 80s featured therein. In short, this album delivers exactly what you expect it to, and there’s no shame in that! Would it be that all compilation albums delivered as solid a set of smoking tunes…

Demon certainly know their market and the tracklisting is pretty much faultless, if you love fist-pumping choruses and drive-time killers. That said, between the opener, Boston’s More Than A Feeling, and Blue Öyster Cult’s set-closing (Don’t Fear) The Reaper, there are one or two pleasant surprises, namely Kansas’s Carry On Wayward Son, Heart’s Barracuda and Patti Smith’s Because The Night. Those aren’t obvious inclusions, like Starship’s We Built This City or Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell, but are welcome nonetheless. Indeed, it’s those surprising inclusions that make this release a deeper rock experience than you might expect.