time will die and love will bury it

Holy Roar

Since their inception, Rolo Tomassi’s twitchy mix of jazz, math and prog has transformed with each record. Yet with the departure of Joe Nicholson – the band’s guitarist and primary songwriter – the band have never quite topped sophomore effort Cosmology: until now.

Reflective, erratic and unflinchingly heavy,
 Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It is a relentless sonic foray, seemingly intent on crushing the breath from your lungs. Bookended by the understated Towards Dawn and Risen, this is Rolo Tomassi like never before.

While the furious outbursts of Alma Mater and Whispers Among Us hark back to the uninhibited madness of their early years, the album truly shines on 
The Hollow Hour, A Flood Of Light and Contretemps. Masterfully weaving punishing riffs and rapturous crescendos, these ‘mini epics’ showcase a band reborn – unafraid to shake things up, and all the better for it.

Chris Mackin

time will die and love will bury it