Studio Snapshot: Brian Eno's home studio, 1974

Brian Eno in his home studio in 1974 with five-string Starway guitar, Revox A77 tape recorder and black beret (make unknown), around the time of his second solo album, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) for Island. Having left Roxy Music in 1973 after two albums, Eno’s musical path led him to becoming synonymous with experimental, conceptual electronic music – he even coined the now-pervasive term ‘ambient’ to describe his output. Taking Tiger Mountain… employed the standard bass, drums, guitar and vocals format of the time. Yet Eno’s compositional quirks (it was around now that he and Peter Schmidt created the famous creativity-unlocking Oblique Strategies cards) and his avant-garde production treatments and layers of overdubs subtly warped the project and displaced rock’s conventions, with versatile Roxy guitarist Phil Manzanera and a varied cast of co-conspirators along for the ride. Eno has said of the album: “For me, Tiger Mountain is a kind of magic album. There’s so much in there that I just wasn’t conscious of putting in at all.”

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