Andy Jones reviews Skye | Ross, the closest thing to a new Morcheeba record on the horizon and it does not disappoint…

skye | ross


This is the latest chapter in the complex history of Morcheeba, which has seen founding brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey part and eventually reunite with original singer, Skye Edwards. The current incarnation is Morcheeba minus one and as the duo have produced an album with a gusty, rootsy feel so, which is “not necessarily a continuation of what we’d been doing with Morcheeba… so it felt only right to give it a new identity”.

The result is surprisingly complete and instant, perhaps unsurprisingly, it is very Morcheeba, with Edwards’ classic vocal in place and the tempos rarely getting out of second gear – you could argue that it was always bound to be. As with every great Morcheeba album, with repeated listening, there’s plenty herein that will get under your skin and will cause you to nod gently along, and the slick production will gently ease your stressed head into their sonic space. What this means for Morcheeba is uncertain but one suspects that they’ll all be back. But Skye | Ross serves as a great interim – grab the limited, orange-vinyl edition, if you can…